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Crayola Paintbrush Variety Classpack, 36 Count

SKU: 0500360000

The Crayola Paintbrush Variety Classpack is ideal for the busy classroom. This classpack includes 12 each of three brush styles, all easy for young artists to handle and hold. The jumbo brush features a plastic handle, and is ideal for painting large areas or making broad strokes with its natural bristles. The large, flat brush has a painted wood handle and durable white synthetic bristles, and is the perfect shape for blending colours or making fine lines or stripes. Finally, the large round brush with painted wood handle also features white synthetic bristles and is great for outlining, filling in small areas, and creating thin or thick lines. This pack includes a total of 36 brushes, 12 each of the 3 different styles.

Includes 36 brushes, 12 of each style

3 brush tip styles – 12 of each.

Variety of brush types encourages kids to experiment with technique and colour.

Comes in a sturdy, reusable cardboard box for storage.

12 - 1/2 inch large round brushes

12 - 1 inch large flat brushes

12 - 1/2 inch jumbo brushes


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