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Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets, Beauty Salon

SKU: 0452780000

Includes folding salon playset, 3 Scribble Scrubbie markers, 2 washable Scribble Scrubbie pet figurines, scrub tub, scrub brush, spray bottle & instructions

The Scribble Scrubbie Pet Beauty Salon Set features a folding salon playset with 3 Scribble Scrubbie Markers, 2 Toy Pets, Instruction Sheet, Scrub Tub, Spray Bottle & Brush.

It's about time a pet beauty salon opened up for the Scribble Scrubbie Pets!

Scribble Scrubbie pets are creative toys for kids, letting them colour, play, wash, & start again!

Folds up into a portable playset that kids can take anywhere.

Can be used as an expansion set or on its own.

Build your collection with 12 additional pets sold separately.

Gift for kids, age 3 & up!

Ideal birthday or holiday gift for girls and boys, age 3 & up.