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Crayola 3 Count Crayons Bulk Case - 360 Packs

SKU: 5200030001

Crayola classic colour crayons give artists of all ages an easy way to be creative. Each of the 360 cellophane pouches includes red, blue and yellow Crayola crayons, enough to do justice to almost any colouring book or drawing. Perfect for easy distribution in a playroom, restaurant, party, or other group setting.

Includes 360 individual 3 count cellophane crayon packs each with one single red, blue and yellow crayon

Convenient packaging for handouts and giveaways

Great for travel, restaurants, daycare centres, schools and parties

Recommended for ages 3 and up

Please Note: This product is intended as a promotional item and not for resale

DÉTAILS DU PRODUIT EN FRANÇAIS: Comprend 360 emballages individuels de 3 crayons de couleur