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Crayola Colour-Change Doodle Markers, 8 Count

SKU: 5871190000

Play with colour when you bring home the 8 count Crayola Colour Change Doodle Markers, which offer 24 colours in total. To get started, simply layer one colour on top of another and watch as an entirely new third colour emerges.

COLOUR CHANGE MARKERS: 8 Crayola Markers that can be layered to create a new colour, with 24 colours altogether!

MARKERS FOR TEENS & ADULTS: Who says aged-up colouring supplies can't be fun? These colour changing markers keep the fun in your colourful creations.

GIFT FOR TEENS: Pair this marker set with sketch paper for a bundled gift idea for birthdays and holidays.

SAFE AND NONTOXIC: Safe for ages 8 & up. Ideal for teens & adults.