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Crayola Marker Mixer

SKU: 0453320000

It's time to mix up your colour play! With the Crayola Marker Mixer art kit for kids, they can create their own dual-coloured markers. Fans of the Crayola Marker Maker will love this unique new set. To get started, insert two Washable Crayola Broad Line Markers into the unit. Then add the Mixer Marker with blank tip and watch as it absorb colours. Remove the Mixer Marker and create cool, multicoloured designs. Replace tip and create new colour combinations again and again!

CRAYOLA MARKER MIXER CRAFT SET: Features 1 Marker MIxer Unit, 10 Washable Crayola Markers, 2 Reusable Marker Mixer Barrels, 100 Marker Tips, a Colour Mixing Guide, and User Instruction Sheet

EDUCATIONAL CRAFTS FOR KIDS: Step-by-step instructions make it fun and easy for kids to follow along

PERSONALIZED SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Send kids back to school in style with school supplies they crafted themselves!

CRAYOLA MARKERS: Fans of the Crayola Marker Maker will love this spinoff art kit, utilizing their favorite Crayola Washable Markers

GIFT FOR KIDS: A great kids educational toy for ages 6 & up