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Crayola Marker Variety Pack, 64 Count

SKU: 5814640003

Now get 3 kinds of markers in one big box! This box comes with Crayola’s Ultra-Clean Washable Broad Line Markers, Gel Markers and Window Markers for colourful creations on many surfaces. Crayola markers lay down plenty of colour and won't smudge or bleed through paper. Unleash creativity and amp up school projects and artistic endeavours with vibrant high-quality ink that is true to colour. With these markers children can express, create, and connect with colour. Watch kids' confidence and independence grow as they learn through colourful play.

Includes 8 Gel Markers, 8 Window Markers, 48 Ultra-Clean Broad Line Markers

Includes 3 kinds of Crayola Markers

All of these markers work great with the Marker Airbrush!

These markers lay down lots of brilliant colour, yet don't bleed through paper.

All Crayola markers contain recycled plastic resin, which keeps hundreds of tons of plastic out of landfills every year.

Add bold, vibrant colour to artwork, school assignments, and other creative projects.

Hours of creative colouring fun!