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Crayola Neon Washable Project Paint, 10 Count

SKU: 5412150001

Let your child’s imagination run wild without worrying about the mess while adding a vibrant look to their creative masterpieces. Neon effects add a vibrant, iridescent look to your creative masterpieces. Amp up school projects and artistic endeavours with high-quality results - Crayola washable paints are designed with a focus on true colour and high performance. Crayola paint won’t drip readily from brushes and won’t separate; ensuring that only the paint you want on the page actually gets there. With these paints children can express, create, and connect with colour. Watch kids' confidence and independence grow as they learn through colourful play.

Includes 10 - 59 ml bottles of washable paint in assorted neon colours

Nontoxic water based paint.

This high-quality paint does not drip readily from brushes and it won't separate.

Can be used with brushes, stamps or sponges to create interesting patterns and designs.

Recommended for ages 3 and up