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Crayola Puzzle Stamping Kit

SKU: 8069100001

The Crayola Puzzle Stamping Kit helps your child develop critical thinking skills while creating funny pictures. Each of the stampers includes an image of a head, body or legs of either an elephant, lion or giraffe. Children can sort through the stampers and learn to create proper animal pictures or mix them to create silly critter mashups!

Includes 9 stamps, washable ink pad, 8 washable large crayons and 24 colouring pages

Each animal stamper includes the head, body, or legs of either a lion, elephant, or giraffe.

Toddlers can match up or mash up the animal combinations.

Scenic colouring pages and animal stampers include corresponding shapes that prompt toddlers to put the head, body, or legs of any animal in the correct position.

The washable ink pad and washable crayons are excellent art supplies for kids.

Recommended for ages 36 months & up.

Safe & Nontoxic