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Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Stamper Markers, 10 Count

SKU: 5681690000

Say it in a symbol! Crayola Ultra-Clean Stamper Markers let you add colour and cheer to your art, school projects or documents. Choose from ten assorted markers - each with its own icon stamper tip! Simply press the tip of the marker to your paper to stamp wherever you like. Use stampers to create a starry night or a trail of paw prints, and add smiley faces, hearts, mustaches, and more. Shapes include a heart, winking smiley, lightning bolt, star, smiley with shades, thumbs up, musical note, paw print, flower and mustache.

Includes 10 washable stamper markers

Set of 10 stamper markers in bold Crayola colours

Each marker has a unique icon stamper

Our most washable formula ever!

Use the side of the marker tip for fine lines and colouring