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Crayola White Chalk, 12 Count

SKU: 5103120003

This 12-pack Crayola White Chalk is the go-to choice for classroom creations! These chalk sticks have a smooth texture, making drawing on blackboards a breeze. They’re a great tool to invigorate learning, adding visible strokes on both black and green boards. It also erases easily so no pesky streaks are left behind. Captivate young scholars by adding a little Crayola magic to every lesson - one chalk stroke at a time. Stock up on this must-have for educators and take your learning to the next level!

Includes 12 sticks of white chalk

Can be used on traditional chalkboards, construction paper, cardboard, paper bags and craft paper

Makes clean, smooth lines and erases easily.

White shows up brilliantly on dark and coloured surfaces


Recommended for ages 4 and up